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  • Transpersonal Psychology: What is it and How it can help You find wholeness.

    Ever wanted to find your highest purpose in your life? Ever wanted to explore yourself at a deeper level than what you are aware of? Ever sensed there was more to your life that you just can’t put your finger on it? There are answers to all these questions. When it comes to traditional psychology and counseling services, these questions are lightly explored and answered. However, I can tell you that an approach that is transpersonal is greater at addressing the energy behind this question. First, let’s define Transpersonal Psychology.

    What is Transpersonal Psychology

    According to the American Psychological Association, Transpersonal psychology is defined as “an area of humanistic psychology that focuses on the exploration of the nature, varieties, causes, and effects of ‘higher’ states of consciousness and transcendental experiences. Transpersonal refers to the concern with ends that transcend personal identity and individual, immediate desires.” I like to add that transpersonal is when one steps outside of their level of thinking, feeling, and doing and they allow their soul to provide the answers and healing.

    Transpersonal psychology explores your personal life experiences, emotional landscapes. It allows you to use your own power to explore your consciousness on different levels of awareness. It also includes your religious or spiritual beliefs or experiences, altered states of consciousness, relationships with others in your life, and your personal potential.  

    Finding Wholeness

    Transpersonal psychology can be used to treat a variety of mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, addictions, spiritual growth, career development, health concerns, and relationship issues. The approach is focused on achieving your healing goals and finding your best self in your life. It helps you surpass any limitations that cause you to achieve your success. It allows you to explore your self through various states of consciousness. Transcending the ego state of mind and finding your soul’s purpose. It allows you to find your true human spirit and spirituality. You discover your relationship with others. Ultimately, you find wholeness in your life as all these parts are integrated into oneness.

    If you find yourself nodding, liking, resonating, or desiring anything that you have read; Please take action and contact us today. Specializing in transpersonal psychology approaches in counseling and life coaching. You will be satisfied by your experiences and goals being achieved here.