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  • Transformative Growth Group

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    Transformative Growth is a personal growth group focusing on helping you find your inner truth. The group will help you find your true authentic self by developing healthy relationships that help heal the inner child within oneself. This Group will have 8-10 members and once formed it will be closed to others. Schedule of meetings will be Biweekly.

    Schedule of meetings will be Biweekly.

    Initial interest in joining this group will schedule a 30 minute individual session to assess your needs/desires for the TG Group. Cost of this session is $25.

    Members joining the group will be given a group contract to sign. Accepting to participate in 2 sessions before continuing or discontinuing being in the group. The first 2 sessions will be paid in full before starting the group. If You decide to continue, you will complete the next 8 sessions. Upon which the remaining balance will be due. Payment plan will be available. Cost per session is $50 per 2 hour group session.